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10x Commissions Review – How Brendan Makes $10k a month in his spare time


Hey guys, in today’s post I’m doing a review of Brendan Mace’s 10x Commissions.

Brendan is travelling the world full-time, and in his spare time he runs a successful business making him $7-$10k a month. Inside 10x Commissions, he’s showing exactly what he’s doing and how anyone can do the same (even with zero experience, since it’s very step by step).

Things I liked most about it was that he shows several ways to get no-cost traffic, how to build a list, and how to correctly set up affiliate promotions, in a way that’s very similar to how I set them up myself.

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10x Commissions Review

10x Commissions is a product by Brendan Mace that shows how Brendan himself makes $10k a month in his spare time, while travelling the world.

First thing I do when I see claims on the sales page is check that the vendor is actually doing what they’re teaching. Since I’ve never worked with Brendan before, I did a bit of spying on Brendan and I can see that he’s actually an established marketer.

Well, good news is that he’s completely legit. He has over 38,000 subscribers on YouTube (image below, the subscribe button is just an image, you can’t subscribe from here):


He also has a well established blog (with Domain Authority 31, so his is many times higher), which contains detailed income reports outlining his business.

Inside 10x Commissions Brendan shows exactly what he’s doing. These methods are quite similar to what I’m doing as well, so I know they work. Plus, he’s giving some really good strategies for traffic which I didn’t know about and he’s showing some conversion techniques which I hadn’t seen before.

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Here is what’s inside 10x Commissions:

You will learn how to build a targeted list of buyers and prospects in the Internet Marketing niche; and how to then convert that list into affiliate commissions by recommending related products.

Methods inside are newbie-friendly. They also don’t take a lot of time to implement.

For traffic, you will learn several ways to get free traffic:

  • How to get traffic and leads from Facebook using FREE traffic. Brendan shows how to make a particular type of posts on Facebook (without using ads) that are getting 50-100+ leads per post. I have seen this type of posts before but didn’t realise they’re so powerful. He shows several case studies on that. This method is free.
  • How to get traffic and leads from YouTube. I do this myself so I know it works. By creating review videos, you can get targeted traffic and sales. Again, this is free.
  • How to get traffic to your blog. I do this myself as well and it works well.

Brendan also shows a way to get paid traffic (solo ads). I don’t have a very good experience with solo ads myself, but Brendan shows how to get really cheap clicks and even gives a list of 12 quality providers who he’s tested himself. You don’t really need to use solo ads though, because the free traffic methods are more than enough to implement this strategy.

To make money from this method, here is what Brendan shows:

  • How to capture the buyer traffic and make sales IMMEDIATELY
  • How to also convert that same traffic into leads on your email list, for LONG TERM profits
  • How to promote products in a way that really improves your affiliate commissions (by using very strategic bonus pages)
  • How to write emails to your list that convert into sales

In conclusion, the methods inside work. It’s not a get rich quick scheme, so yes there is some work involved. But there are some great nuggets in there for newbie and intermediate marketers.

10x Commissions Pricing:

10x Commissions will go on sale at $12.95


If you pick up 10x Commissions through my link, you will get these bonuses:

Bonus 1 : $200 /Day CPA Marketing. Free Guide on how to Leverage You Social Network as Money Making Platform

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Bonus 2 : Make Immediately Commissions in 1 Day with This System Using Free Traffic

  • Discover how to generate using Free Traffic without any Investment and get more sales every month.

Bonus 3 : Free Strategy on How You Can Turn a Cold Traffic into a Hot Buyers

  • If you got stuck in getting traffic for your sales, this is good for you. You will discover on how to transform your cold hard buyers into a Hot Buyers.


You get all these bonuses completely FREE when you grab 10x Commissions through my link:


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NOTE: to get the bonuses, please check in the Warrior Download area, and look for “Affiliate Bonus”. If you have any issues please contact me via Contact page or via a reply to any of my emails.




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