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Lead Lightning Scam Review – Don’t Buy before you watch this



 ” Lead Lightning Review “



Have you ever heard about the Lead Lightning and Power Lead System ? We let me take you here and explore the system and what and how the structure works. If you ever thinking about joining Lead Lightning, I want you to stop and watch this Lead Lightning Review.
What is Lead Lightning actually ? is it a Scam ? can you make money online with it ? Watch this video until the end to understand what is lead lightning about and how the structure works.


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Lead Lightning Review ( Summary From The Video )

In this video I walk you through what’s inside Lead Lightning and I show you the back office and how to promote it or your personal business.

Structure Of Lead Lightning


This is just only for Basic Membership, so every time someone signup under your downline, you will get commissions. Earning commissions is unlimited and you can earn up to $100 for each person if your down Upgrade their membership


Lead Lightning Compensation Plan

  Starter Membership : This is the $7 membership that got you through the door, you will receive $6 for anyone that signs up under you.
  Silver Membership :  This is a $29.97 monthly membership that will earn you commissions of $15 a month for any recruit that pays the monthly $29.97  fee.
   Gold Membership : $53.97 is the monthly membership which allows you to receive a recurring monthly commission of $20 as long as the recruit purchases this package and stays enrolled.
   Diamond Membership : This is a one time payment option on top of one of the previous membership options. You will receive a one time commission of $100 on the sale of this membership.
   Platinum Membership : This is a one time payment option that will cost you $497, your commission from a sale of this membership is a one time commission of $400.



For Overall Result, this is what you get for One Time Payment only for $7 :

It is a ONE TIME FEE OF $7.00 and you will get :

  • Training (Free Training and Video Lessons Provided)
  • Autoresponders (You don’t need to buy Getresponse and Aweber)
  • swipe text emails
  • automated sales funnel
  • control of your leads and full accessible back office
and so much more..
Watch this video until the end and see all the golden nuggets that you will get.


Exclusive VIP Access

If you pick up signup through my link, you will get these Free Access to Our Legacy 228 Facebook Group. Here’s the benefit of Joining Legacy 228 Community :
  1. Free Tips on how to get leads in a Single Day.
  2. How to convert your leads into a Sales.
  3. How to get a Free Traffic and Leads that convert into a Sales
  4. Free discussion with other members on our community
  5. Get support from Successful members from our community



Is Lead Lightning a Scam : No
How I make Money with it : When someone join your downline, you got commissions.
How do I get paid : Payment will made on every Wednesday via Paylution (they will provided for you)
Is it Beginner’s friendly : Yes, they will provide a free training and video lessons not only for Lead Lightning, but also you will gain knowledge of how to make money online even if you are beginner.
How much do I would pay to join the membership : Only $7 for One time only.
What benefit do I get : You will get a Free Training, free lead page to promote your Affiliate links, Free Autoresponder and Get commissions when someone signup under your downline.


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