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When I first getting started I know CPA is the easiest way to make money. I made more than $1800 in my first 2 months getting online last year. Then I started build my assets, one of those is my facebook profile, I joined a lot of making money online groups and I see people promoting their products everyday. One day I see many people posting the same offer “Earn $4 per lead you refer to”. I bet these people do not understand much about CPA world so I just ignored it. But then I see the payment proof and I asked myself why did I not give it a try. It is crucially important to me to join a legitimate program and promote it or else it would ruin my reputation so I’m not stupid to share something scam.



The site I had registered to be a Free member is Yoonla™ – Create a digital lifestyle. Reno Van Boven is the founder. He is really nice and he does support people very friendly and helpfully. I love anytime I summit a support ticket because I can get response quite fast.


Some of you might not know what is CPA affiliate marketing, you can look into this post for more info. I love CPA marketing as it is not only the great but also the easiest way to making money online with.



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It is unlimited. You can earn as much as you can make. Yoonla™ CPA Program.


Here is Yoonla™ CPA affiliate program
* Earn up to $2 commission per CPA lead referral
VIP Affiliates Earn up to $5 or more per CPA lead referral! Plus VIP Members earn $30 commissions on the 1st tier and $20 commissions on the 2nd tier when your leads upgrade to become a Yoonla™ VIP.
==> Claim your Custom Setup inside your Yoonla™ Foundation members panel to qualify for the VIP affiliate upgrade!
Note: For the CPA leads campaign, any leads/referrals generated from the following countries attract the higher commission rate: $4/each.
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Ireland
  • New Zealand
  • United Kingdom
  • United States


Non-commissionable countries for CPA lead referrals:


Last updated: September 2017

  • India
  • Niger
  • Nigeria
  • Pakistan
  • Uganda
  • Vietnam
  • Zimbabwe


 The leads you refer from the rest countries would handle you $2 in commission.
My picture of commission below will show you all of the commission types: $4 from top tier countries, $0 from 7 countries above and $2 from the rest. And yes, $30 for the VIP referral and $20 for the 2nd tier.
If you want to join Yoonla’s CPA you can become VIP Member. This will not cost you much less than $30 for first month and $20 for every month. The membership cost is for your domain hosting and Getresponse account (email autoresponder).

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Here Is one of my Prospect Making Money with it.


I think you will find this is a great show. Why not become Yoonla’s Vip member NOW?


When you become a Yonnla VIP Membership, you need to fill this correct Referral ID : 5991a2686cfa7





Currently Reno offers paypal the main payment option. But as the development of the program, he is consisdering adding more payment options.
As long as the leads you made are qualified leads, they would be applied as “approved” leads and you are allow to get paid. So you are not paid immediately. The minimum payout threshold is $200.
All pending lead referrals and commissions generated during June will go through approval process around the 15th of July and “approved” referrals to be paid out around the 22nd of July.
Note: We don’t pay commissions on duplicate referrals, unsubscribed/canceled referrals, fraudulent/bogus referrals or self signed up referrals. These will be declined.
These info are taking from the Yoonla affiliate terms.
Yes, absolutely I received payment from Yoonla.
To succeed in online marketing, you definitely need to choose a product to work on. Yoonla will give you the opportunity to “testing” things out. Be serious, treat it as a real business and you will see the result real fast with Yoonla.
Buiding your list is extremely important when it comes to online marketing. With yoonla, you can build your list fast. They say “the money is on the list”, it is calculated one should  $1/email/mo on average if you master the email marketing.
So you can see Yoonla is not just about referring the leads, it is truly about building a real online business that you can automate and benefit for a long time.

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Thank you for watching, wish you success






Hello, My name is Brian. I am Online Marketer with experienced more than 4 Years and have joined in several fields such as SEO Expert, Online Income Opportunities Analyze and the author of Turn Your Passion Into Money Making Fountain.


  1. Michael George

    Great System, thanks for Showing me this stuff. I’ve already joined with your link. It is GREAT !! I make $100 in 1 Day 😀

    • Brian

      Hello Michael, I am glad that I can help you make money online.

      • Michael George

        Thank you. I want to scale it up. The profit is getting increased every day. I have several people who joined me become a VIP Membership

    • Brian

      That is great, keep earning and reach your own goal 🙂

  2. Alexander

    Thanks for Showing this Bruh, You made My Day, Booyaah ! I made $354 Today

    • Brian

      Wow, That was Awesome. Congratulations !!

      • Alexander

        Thanks Man, without you I can’t make it lol. By the way, is there another way to make more money using this system. Your ebook guide is great bruh. It tells me the detail on how it works

    • Brian

      Yes, there are a lot of ways that you can promote this system even a free traffic can make it. Beside Social Network, you can go for a Post Cassified Ads like craiglist. Post 2 to 3 ads every day and there u go. Craiglist has a lot of traffic. You can leverage that traffic to get a sales.

    • Alexander

      Oh, I didn’t expect that lol. Thank you for the tips. I gonna back to try that method. Let’s hope it works

    • Brian

      Okay, Good Luck Alexander !!

  3. Michael George

    Thanks, Yeah You too. Thanks for showing me this. This is very helpful for me especially for the beginners.

    • Brian

      Sure, No Problems !!


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