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Superior Singing Method Review – Affordable Singing Course. Is It Good?



So I assume that if you’re reading the this blog, you probably looking for vocal training or course. Now honestly, we all know that singing can really take our “show” up a notch and make people around us enjoy the time listening to us on a whole new level. > The thing is – most people never really felt the experience of singing well and therefore we mostly lack the confidence to do it. So today, I want to share my Superior Singing Method review with you, which will let you do that step up yourself – into being a confident singer who sounds great.


Let’s start with the best news that a lot of people don’t really grasp:


Just like you’ve learned how to play guitar well – you can learn how to sing well. Anybody who wants – can do it.



When you internalize it and decide that you set your sights on the goal of learning how to sing, now it’s just a matter of finding the right guide to help you do it.  Now, as someone who tried learning how to sing both with a face to face vocal teacher and with an online course – I will give you my honest thoughts about the pros and cons of both.

Before we start, I want to give you a short reminder of why it can be so beneficial to learn how to sing as a guitarist and also other music instruments.



This is me and my Band while I’m singing in the stage. Would have never had the courage to do it before this course. Now I do this regularly. Aaron Courses has helped me improved my vocals.



Let me make a short Rating about Superior Singing Method :


Author / Trainer                          :  Aaron Anastasi

Product Name                               :  Superior Singing Method

Student Enrolled the Course   :  More than 1000 Students (Including Me)

Price                                                 :  Monthly (   3 Month ) Payment Only for                                                                               $39.95  or

                                                            :  One-Time Payment of $97  

Course Duration                            :  60 Days (8 Weeks)

Modules Course                             :  8 Modules Course 

Overall Rating                                 :  5/5

Bonuses                                            :  Yes Only if you Join through my link ( You                                                                        will Get Free 2  Bonus Modules and 4                                                                                  Supplementary Bonus Courses )


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More About Aaron Anastasi


That’s Aaron – the founder.


Aaron Anastasi is a professional singer and an accomplished vocal coach. Hundreds of people improved their singing voices with the help of Aaron. The videos included in the Superior Singing Method showcases his vocal coaching style.

He uses both video and audio lessons to teach you how to sing better. You can take daily lessons, which consist of one video each. You also need to perform several vocal audio exercises along with each lesson.

The videos featured are of great quality shot by professionals. The lesson explanations happen verbally and visually as well. I loved that.


What Is Inside Superior Singing Method ?

Once you made your purchase, you will be given access to the private member’s area instantly. To have an idea of what the member’s area looks like inside, here’s a couple of screenshots:





To get to the actual main vocal course, simply click on the big green “Access” button under Superior Singing Method.

The introduction video will let you know how to use the course best. On the right-hand side of the screen, you can access the different course modules (learn more about the course modules below).

Just below the introduction video, you will see an option to download that lesson’s vocal exercises. One set of exercises is designed particularly for male vocalist and another set for female vocalists (Isn’t that great?)


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How Does Superior Singing Method Work?


You have to work through the modules one by one. You need to practice for a while before you move onto the next module. The course duration is about eight weeks, but you will start to see improvements much sooner than that, just like I did.

Aaron demonstrates how the exercises are supposed to be done and explains them in detail. The additional explanation allows you to start doing them right away, in the correct way, without needing much assistance.


You can download these vocal exercises as MP3s so can take them with you wherever you go. You can also just fire them up in your laptop, listen to them, and practice along.

Since one set is for male singers and another set is for female singers, this vocal training will work best for those who want to learn how to sing or to improve their singing voice. On one hand, male vocalists usually need to warm up longer because they have a much wider vocal range within their chest voice compared to females.

One the other hand, female vocalists have a wider range when using their head voice.


Will It Really Work for You?


I know what you’re thinking. It may be difficult to perform the vocal exercises without somebody there to help you. The uncertainty could even interfere with your learning. Surprisingly, doing the exercises on your own is not a hindrance at all.

Here’s what I did: I downloaded the exercises before watching the videos or while watching them. Downloading them like that was a great help. Once I went through all the materials, I was able to perform the exercises properly without needing much assistance.

I was able to perform then better because Aaron goes through all the details during the vocal exercises. I have never seen this type of teaching method in other online singing courses. The way Aaron performs the exercises with you in the recording helps to make you feel more confident in the way you are performing the exercises by yourself.


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Still, Wouldn’t A Real Life Voice Coach Work Better?


At first, I had the same thing in mind but I was mistaken. Aside from what I had already mentioned here, the Superior Singing Method includes a system that enables you to ask the professionals questions or clarifications.

Aaron is there to come to your aid. There is a special section under each daily lesson where you can ask questions. If you are having trouble with a certain lesson, or you are not sure if you are doing things right, Aaron is there to help you out.

Don’t hesitate to shoot him an email and Aaron will reply to you directly. The help system also shows you all the different questions already asked by other students and the answers that were given. Just browse through them and your questions might have been answered already. You might not need to ask for help, after all.

All of these great features makes the Superior Singing Method a great self-learning and self-sufficient online singing course.


What I think about it ?

I really liked the structure of the course. It is very easy to follow and understand, it shows you a “course progress” bar, and every week I gradually felt how I was constantly improving and my favorite songs that I like to sing  (from Beatles to Dylan to Coldplay, Rock, Pop, some Jazz) just began to sound much better. I also felt how I could sing for a longer time without feeling “worn out” on the inside of my throat, thanks to the good techniques and habits I learned.

As someone who learned a lot about effective course structuring and created an online course myself, (the Harmonica Jamz course for learning harmonica) I can definitely tell that Aaron knows the psychology of learning and of creating an effective learning process for his students.


The members area is built in a very professional way that flows naturally between the lessons as you make progress in the course.


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Week 1 Module 1: Unique Vocal Warm Up Exercisesgetting ready to start advanced singing.

Week 2 Module 2: Breath Management and Diaphragm Breathing techniques for controlling your breathing while singing

Week 3 Module 3: Mastering Vocal Tone different ways to improve the tone quality (“timbre” is the professional term) of your voice

Week 4 Module 4: Improving Pitchhow to always sing on pitch and to avoid the embarrassing off-key mishaps

Week 5 Module 5: Resonance and Singing With Powerhow to strengthen your voice resonance while maintaining a high-quality tone

Week 6 Module 6: The Mix Voice and Singing Higher Notes – how to sing higher notes without over straining your vocal cords

Week 7 Module 7: Improving Vocal Agility – the ability to jump precisely from notes to notes, including from high to low notes

Week 8 Module 8: Advanced Strengthening and Vocal Techniques – developing the vibration technique and sharpening your overall singing assets.


The Superior Singing Method Review – Pros & Cons


So let’s get to the bottom line. Here’s what I liked about the course:

+ I felt constant improvement starting from week 2 and I just kept getting better. I am now proud to sing my favorite songs in front of people – which is something I never even dreamt about a few years ago.

+ It’s a very high-quality course from a world-class vocal teacher with a large YouTube following. Trustworthiness you just can’t get when taking lessons in the neighborhood.

+ It’s affordable! At 99$, for the price of just two lessons with my face-to-face New Orleans vocal coach – I got 8 weeks full of daily lessons and exercises that have proven to make me improve way faster.

+ The structure of the course is easy to follow and will motivate you to improve and to keep going. The members area is built in a professional level as well.

+ You can watch the course from your tablet or mobile easily. I actually liked doing some of the singing exercises while driving.

+ It’s very time-efficient. You don’t have to drive somewhere for a lesson. You don’t have to wait for it to come in the mail since it’s accessible instantly from everywhere. The lessons are short and to the point. About 15 minutes a day and you’re done – and that’s really all you need in order to see massive improvement as long as you’re consistent.

+ The course comes with a large PDF e-book that summarizes all the points and tips from the course, something which I found helpful to refer back to even long after I finished the course.

They offer a bunch of follow up courses to take your singing even farther – my favorite was the “Superior Harmony” course where I learned how to sing along with other people, recognize different musical intervals that sound best when singing together, etc.

+ There’s a 60-days full money back guarantee in case you don’t dig it.


Our Band has been invited to our Local Music Station for an Interview about our Album Launched


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Even though the lessons are very affordable compared to face-to-face lessons and compared to other online singing programs, 99$ is still a large amount of money, so think for yourself if you are really into singing.

Not really a con – but the course demands dedication every day (or close to every day) for two months. 10-15 minutes a day is not much and it’s extra time that everyone has, but again – make sure that you really want it and willing to put in the efforts.


The Superior Singing Method Review – VERDICT


I finished the Superior Singing Method course a years ago, in early 2016, and it was really the kick start to my singing. It did not only promise, but also delivered a tremendous improvement in my singing and made me confident, for the first time in my life, to sing in front of other people when I play music. And I wish I can let you feel the feelings you get when you get those “wow, you got a great voice!” sincere comments from people around – but you’ll have to try it for yourself and see…

Remember that learning how to use your voice is like learning any musical instrument – and it’s not instant. So while you WILL see tremendous results very fast, these 60 days are not the end of your journey – but only the beginning.

It was really hard to find anything bad to say about the course. If you want to learn how to sing – by all means you’ve found what you’re looking for. Thanks to technology that’s making stuff so affordable and accessible in our times.

I give Superior Singing Method ranking of five stars.






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  1. Alex Jones

    bonuses delivered as promise, thanks bro

    • Brian

      Sure No Problem, hope you enjoy it. By the way, don’t forget to share this article

  2. John Underground Band

    great lessons, I took them too my sophomore year in music school and they were a refreshing approach, very straightforward compared to what I learned in school and I did feel some major improvement.

    This Aaron guy is funny (;

    • Brian

      Yea, I have some friends in music school and I know how sometimes the lessons there can seem like they go around and around, so it’s fun to have lessons that are practical and get you straight to the point. Also, there’s no need to read note sheets here, so you focus strictly on your ears and vocal cords which I find more straightforward.

  3. Michelle

    Just bought it from you and received Bonuses, Thanks. I just started the course a few minutes ago Module 1, seems interesting . I would recommended this to my friend after this, can I share this website ?

    • Brian

      Sure, that will be no Problem. Yes, I have tried this courses too, Aaron helped me a lot. Now I have my own band and I do not afraid of can’t control my nervousness. The best part is, my band has been invited to a Local Radio Station and got interviewed


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